Avondale Commons Apartments  |  Avondale, AZ

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Overland Group is excited to announce its latest investment opportunity, Avondale Commons Apartments located in Avondale, AZ.


This four-story, class-A facility is located in one of the strongest locations we've ever seen for multifamily. Avondale Commons Apartments is placed on a major intersection and one block north of an I-10 freeway on/off ramp. McDowell Road has an estimated traffic count of 20,421 cars per day. In addition to the amazing location, this project is also located right in the path of growth in the area. There is extremely strong demand for apartments in the area with excess demand of over 1,600 rental units.


The Company is raising an estimated $17,000,000 in equity capital with a maximum raise of $19,000,000 to develop and construct a new 320-unit multifamily project. The Company is offering investors Class A-1 and Class A-2 which collectively will represent 70% ownership in the project. The minimum investment for either class is $75,000.


Class A-1 units is limited to $5,000,000. These units are offered to those who fund their investment by May 10, 2021. Class A-1 units receive an automatic 10% discount on their investment ($100,000 investment turns into $110,000 worth of ownership). Class A-1 units also receive an 8% preferred return starting at the completion of construction.


Class A-2 units is currently limited to $12,000,000. These units are offered to those who fund their investment by December 10, 2021. Class A-2 units receive an 8% preferred return starting at the completion of construction.


The sponsors are planning on investing $450,000 or roughly 2.5% of all equity to be raised.


This investment is for accredited investors only, but is open to self-directed IRA’s and 401(k)’s.

  • #1 Fastest Growing County in the U.S.

  • High occupancy, strong rent and income growth

  • JOBS – Local +Proximity to Phoenix , but cheaper rents 

  • Experience - Same team, working on third project

  • Knowledge of construction costs, conservative underwriting

  • Vertical integration makes everything better


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  • This presentation is an informational summary of the prospective investment opportunity only. 


  • All numbers shown are estimates and subject to change as we negotiate with contractors to reduce costs, the architect to add units, and make improvements where possible.


  • The information contained herein is not a substitute for an investor’s complete review of all of the information attached to the PPM as part of their own due diligence regarding this investment opportunity and its suitability for their investment portfolio.