Overland Capital was created to provide capital partners and investors a better investing experience. We live and breath to present exciting, attractive, and profitable and profitable opportunities to our capital partners. In addition, Overland Capital provides an unmatched investor experience to provide our capital partners with extraordinarily high confidence in their investment.

Growth Markets

We concentrate on markets with strong growth and major upside. We focus on supply and demand in order to ensure that every market we go into has more demand than anticipated supply.

Vertical Integrations

Overland Capital is part of the Overland Group, a vertically integrated real estate company. As part of Overland Group, Overland Capital has the incredible ability to understand how all facets of the commercial real estate investing process works. Overland Group has divisions in development, construction, and management of commercial real estate.

Experienced Investing

We invest in what we know. Luckily, with over 40 years of experience, we know almost every asset class in commercial real estate. Specifically, we focus on multifamily, storage, retail, and hospitality. You can be assured with every investment, "this is not our first rodeo".