Overland Capital is obsessed with creating an exceptional investment experience. We don't accept anything but the very best service, and you shouldn't either.

Individual Investors

We have talked and worked with thousands of individual investors to understand their needs. Our goal is to help individual investors meet their investment, retirement, and philanthropic goals. Individual investors can invest as little as $50,000 in most of our syndicated projects. We work with both accredited and non-accredited investors

Family Offices

Family offices often have very distinct goals. Our approach to commercial real estate investors is customized to meet each family office's needs. Whether the goal is wealth accumulation or funding a cause, our individualized process will help you achieve your goals.

Real Estate Funds

You've got investors you need to report to; we get that. A partnership with Overland Capital provides real estate funds to meet their specific needs and invest in high quality commercial real estate projects.

Institutional Investors

We've worked with some of the largest capital and insurance companies in the world and understand the unique needs of institutional investors. We've partnered with companies such as GE Capital and Sun America Insurance Company

(now a part of AIG).